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Alabama Casino & Gambling Information - Pari-mutuel

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Greentrack Greyhound Racing

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Interstate 2059 Exit 45, Eutaw, Alabama, USA 35462

Alabama Casinos & Gambling

Alabama does not roll off the tongue when you think of a gambling state, but there are more and more casinos appearing in the state. Gambling in Alabama, as in other places is fast becoming a part of the local economy. The Alabama state legislators are fast realizing that gambling in many forms can prop up the economy. Alabama itself is strategically situated next to Mississippi. The casino boats and gambling here are a draw that the Alabama casinos are taking advantage of.

For gambling in Alabama you will find a small amount of everything - a few indian casinos do the state as well as some greyhound and horse tracks for pari-mutuel enthusiasts. For those who enjoy greyhound races, there’s Birmingham Greyhound Racing which is located at Birmingham, Alabama. They have live greyhound racing and simulcast greyhound and horse racing from all over the country 52 weeks a year. They are considered in having one of the best in simulcast wagering opportunities from both greyhound and thoroughbred facilities across the nation. They allow advance wagering except in multi - race wagers.

There are several types of Gambling found in Alabama. The most popular form of gambling in Alabama is Bingo which one of the more popular numbers game. There are also the Slot Machines. Definitely, you will find a small amount of everything in Alabama. There are a few Indian casinos.

While Alabama might not be the best state to travel to for gambling, there is some to be had if you need it, and next door in Mississippi there is a serious party going on.

Since 1999, thousands of Video poker has appeared across Alabama. This is a fast-action, low-stakes game that is as easy to play as a slot machine. These machines pay off winners in coupon or gift certificates. Several businesses in Alabama such as truck stops, convenience stores, few arcades and some other businesses have been offering nothing these video pokers. According to the Alabama Department of Public Safety, as many as 15,000 machines may already be in the state.

The Attractions Even though, there are not much casinos found in Alabama, the casinos located in Alabama do offer craps, roulette, poker, blackjack a variety of slots and more. They are open 24 hours a day.

One popular casino found in Atmore, Alabama is Creek Casino which offers the largest high stakes Indian Bingo in the South and the newest state-of-the-art electronic gaming machines. There is also the Riverside Entertainment Center which is located at Wetumpka, Alabama. It is open seven days a week and offer electronic gaming machines.

Alabama as you see may not be a Las Vegas or Atlantic City but they do have casinos that may interest you and provide you amenities that you look for. Thought still struggling in the casino industry nevertheless the casinos in this state are competitive.

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